Our products are characterized by three basic effects. Antibacterial effect, Fresh effect and UV effect.

The complex effect is particularly suitable for functional clothing, sportswear, underwear or socks. We know that our customers are not satisfied with the ordinary. Our products are designed to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Our products have test proven effects and we offer certificate proven quality. Our products are tested and certificated by Textile Testing Institute. We can guarantee antibacterial effects, health safety, dimensional stability, textile color fastness to light, sweat, rubbing and wet rubbing. All these facts guarantee high quality products.

Our products are tested in various fields, many of them in medicine, and used mainly by top athletes.

Antibacterial effect

Silver is an effective and safe antibiotic. Silver particles in the size of tens of nanometers influence the metabolism of bacteria cell system, suppress respiration and thereby the ability to survive. Silver gives the product antiseptic and deodorizing (anti-odor) effects by suppressing the growth of bacteria and mold.
The certification test was conducted on a sample of very resistant bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae.

Fresh effect

Polyester fibers have a diameter of about ten micrometers and are emerged from a special spinneret during the manufacturing process. The finished polyester fiber is characterized by longitudinal grooves on the surface. These grooves then move the moisture from skin to the outer surface, where the moisture evaporates naturally.
Photos of the polyester fibers taken by an electron microscope are located in the following gallery.

UV effect

Ultraviolet (UV) light has harmful effects on skins‘ health and transfers heat. UV filter surface alteration – „full dull“ - of the fibers reduces the temperature under the textile surface and prevents radiation penetration.
This surface alteration is permanent and cannot be removed by washing. The effect quality is certificated and our products achieved the best test results, Grade AAAAA. The measured UPF value (Ultraviolet Protective Factor) of the textile was 45-55.

Products manufactured with the use of polyester fibers are listed in material-based categories, which can be modified due to market demands. The essential element is the polyester fiber Ag (PESag) + elastin (El), and also cotton if needed. Our competitors usually combine nylon + elastin, polyamide + elastin or polyester+ elastin, none of them can combine cotton due to functionality concerns.

Currently we offer 5 types of material composition and we are planning to offer 10 types with various composition ratios (PESAg+el or PESAg+el+Ba) by the summer.

The 5 types we currently offer can be used as:

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